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'Taiwan's Finest Formosa Oolong'

Currently hanging at the URBN Culture Birds in Hats exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan.
Original painting has been sold, there is a limited edition run of 50 prints available here.

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47cm x 61cm, Acrylic Gouache on 400gsm 100% Cotton Fabriano Paper / 壓克力不透明顏料與Fabriano 400磅冷壓棉紙

An imagined Vintage Tea Poster featuring the Taiwan Bamboo Partridge 已竹雞為主角的懷舊茶行廣告

This painting was inspired by vintage tea posters from Taiwan during the Japanese Colonial era, 1895 - 1945. Taiwan is still famous today for tea and is considered a producer of some of the best Oolong teas in the world. The bird in this painting is a Taiwan Bamboo Partridge, endemic to Taiwan. You can find them frequenting tea fields and mountainous areas up to 1000m.



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