‘A Very Taiwanese King Kong’

黑熊霸王 Pronounced Hei Xiong Ba Wang!
(Translates roughly as Black Bear King)

50 x 70cm, Acrylic Gouache on Cold Pressed 400gsm 100% Cotton Fabriano Paper /壓克力不透明顏料與Fabriano 400磅冷壓棉紙

Currently hanging in the Birds in Hats Taiwan exhibition, at URBN Culture, Taipei. Original, framed painting is 25,000NT / £600. Limited edition print available here.
The idea for this painting came suddenly and fully formed - prompted by glancing up at Taipei 101 and imagining how much more fun King Kong would have been if King Kong was a Taiwan Black Bear. The style of the poster is inspired by the iconic, hand-painted posters made for the original 1933 movie but, of course, replacing the landscape of New York with Taipei - and replacing the airplanes with a flock of Taiwan Blue Magpies.


king kong.jpg
king kong close up2.jpg
Original 1933 King Kong poster that inspired the painting

Original 1933 King Kong poster that inspired the painting

king kong close up.jpg
king kong close up3.jpg